Research on the Madhyama-agama

Research on the Madhyama-agama

作者 : Dhammadinna/ Ed.

出版社 : 財團法人法鼓山文教基金會-法鼓文化

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This is the third volume of proceedings of the Āgama seminars convened by the Āgama Research Group at the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (formerly Dharma Drum Buddhist College). It collects academic contributions on various aspects related to the Middle-length Collec¬tions of discourses (sūtras, suttas) transmitted by different early Buddhist lineages of reciters, preserved in their Indic originals in Gandhari, Pali and Sanskrit as well as in Chinese and Tibetan translations.
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Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā
Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts

About the contributors

Mark Allon & Blair Silverlock
University of Sydney

Bhikkhu Anālayo
University of Hamburg

Roderick S. Bucknell
University of Queensland

Jin-il Chung(鄭鎮一)
Göttingen Academy of Sciences

Takamichi Fukita(吹田隆道)
Bukkyō University

Jen-jou Hung(洪振洲)

Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts

Seishi Karashima(辛嶋靜志)

The International Research Institute for
Advanced Buddhology at Soka University

Michael Radich
Victoria University of Wellington

Richard Salomon

University of Washington

Peter Skilling
École française d’Extrême-Orient

Ingo Strauch
University of Lausanne

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