Picken: Mix and Match the Farm Animals!

Picken: Mix and Match the Farm Animals!

作者 : Mary Murphy


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Pimb (豬羊?!)、Gootten (鵝喵?!)……這是什麼外星生物啊?

透過左半頭部、右半尾部的分頁方式,讓寶寶混搭出屬於自己的獨一無二農場新物種;或是反過來考考寶寶的創意:Chippy (雞犬?!)要怎麼合成呢?也可以讓寶寶學習配對,拚出正確的農場動物。七種農場動物:小牛Calf、小羊Lamb、鵝Goose、小豬Piglet、小貓Kitten、雞Chicken、小狗Puppy,不同玩法、多樣組合,將想像力和創造力發揮到極致!

Mix and match the split pages of this ingenious board book to make your own amazing farmyard creatures! Mary Murphy's brilliant split page board book is perfect for helping little ones learn to mix and match. What do you call a cross between a lamb and a calf? How on earth do you make a "googlet"? Children will love to mix up the heads and tails of different farmyard animals to invent hilarious new ones, while developing their matching skills as they work out how the animals should look. Mary Murphy's adorable creatures and colourful art style are sure to delight readers and help develop a lifelong love of books.

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