To Be a Machine: Adventures Among Cyborgs, Utopians, Hackers, and the Futurists Solving the Modest Problem of Death

To Be a Machine: Adventures Among Cyborgs, Utopians, Hackers, and the Futurists Solving the Modest Problem of Death

作者 : Mark O'Connell



定價 : NT 599

售價 : NT599






在過去幾年間,「超人類主義」的信奉者遽增,從意識上傳(mind uploading)、超級人工智慧(artificial superintelligence)、人體冷凍(cryonics)、晶片植入……等科幻小說般的情節,都有一群對科技極度樂觀、視科技為信仰的擁護者,相信它們總有一天會成真,其中也包括矽谷的億萬富翁與全球大企業業主。

新聞工作者馬克.歐康納(Mark O'Connell)走訪最先進的人體冷凍機構,看人如何選擇阻斷死亡;他探訪研究晶片植入的地下「生物駭客」;他也拜訪急於研究如何保護人類不受到超級智慧傷害的科學家。他與「超人類主義」擁護者接觸,不僅進行人物分析,更全面解析他們的想法。

人類對於科技的著迷,究竟將會把我們帶往何方?人工智慧對於人類的意義是什麼?原先創造的目的為幫助人類的科技,是否終究會帶來傷害?如同《灰色人性》(The Psychopath Test)作者強.朗森對病態人格的分析,本書融合科普、人物分析、文學理論與文化分析,以幽默輕鬆的筆法,抱持懷疑態度、不過度批判,讓這些看似瘋狂的信奉者,多了一絲人性。

What is transhumanism?

Simply put, it is a movement whose aim is to use technology to fundamentally change the human condition, to improve our bodies and minds to the point where we become something other, and better, than the animals we are. It's a philosophy that, depending on how you look at it, can seem hopeful, or terrifying, or absurd.

In To Be a Machine, Mark O'Connell presents us with the first full-length exploration of transhumanism: its philosophical and scientific roots, its key players and possible futures. From charismatic techies seeking to enhance the body to immortalists who believe in the possibility of 'solving' death; from computer programmers quietly re-designing the world to vast competitive robotics conventions; To Be a Machine is an Adventure in Wonderland for our time.

To Be a Machine paints a vivid portrait of an international movement driven by strange and frequently disturbing ideas and practices, but whose obsession with transcending human limitations can be seen as a kind of cultural microcosm, a radical intensification of our broader faith in the power of technology as an engine of human progress. It is a character study of human eccentricity, and a meditation on the immemorial desire to transcend the basic facts of our animal existence - a desire as primal as the oldest religions, a story as old as the earliest literary texts. A stunning new non-fiction voice tackles an urgent question...what next for mankind?
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