The Ultimate Book of Cities

The Ultimate Book of Cities

作者 : Anne-Sophie Baumann

出版社 : Twirl Books

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定價 : NT 770

售價71折, NT550



搭配前作《The Ultimate Book of Vehicles》、《The Ultimate Construction Site Book》一起閱讀,看各式交通工具和工程車們如何在大街小巷中大展身手;翻不完的小機關和隱藏的驚喜,讓這趟知識旅程不僅兼具廣度與深度,還帶來大大的歡樂,保證讓大人小孩都流連忘返!

Where does the Express bus take you?
How many swans are in the lake at the park?
What replaces the shoe repair store?
The Ultimate Book of Cities reveals the answers to these questions and much, much more in an oversized fact- and action-packed look at life in the big city! Featuring 59 flaps, pop-ups, pull tabs and movable parts, this all-you-need-to-know guide provides detailed information about what makes a city tick: from the different ways of getting around and what goes on in all the big buildings, to what traffic signs mean and who are all the people who keep the city in tip-top shape! It is a must-have volume to add to a young reader's library of The Ultimate Book series.

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