Imperial Taste: The Beauty of Ceramics

Imperial Taste: The Beauty of Ceramics

作者 : Chang Ching-Hsin

作者 : 張敬昕

出版社 : 香港商雅凱電腦語音有限公司

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定價 : NT 499

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The invention and history of making ceramics is inextricably related to the rise of human civilization. As you enjoy and appreciate these precious pieces molded from clay, you can also gain a sense of the history behind this art form in China, which is related to other facets in culture as well. As you delve into the beauty of these world-class paragons of beauty and find pleasure in the viewing experience, you will also find yourself cultivating and absorbing a taste for culture and visual aesthetics in the process. Imperial Taste: The Beauty of Ceramics features 35 select masterpieces from the National Palace Museum collection. Each includes an easy-to-understand yet in-depth explanation, beautiful illustrations of form and decoration, and a period background. Together, they offer an ideal introduction to the beauty of Chinese ceramics.
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Chang Ching-hsin(張敬昕)


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