There Are No Overachievers: Seizing Your Woo to Do More Than You Thought Possible

There Are No Overachievers: Seizing Your Woo to Do More Than You Thought Possible

作者 : Brian D. Biro



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著名的管理顧問與演講師Brian Biro將機會之窗(Windows of Opportunity)簡稱為WOO,一個好記又引人注意的聲音。但機會之窗真得這麼容易辨識嗎?會不會它已經在你眼前展開,你卻視而不見,白白錯過了讓生命更豐美的瞬間?

「發生在我們身上的大部分機會都是贈禮,有些對我們有用,有些卻是對他人有利。本書提供你所需要的資訊,讓你選取那些正確的機會,而且,更重要的是,如何善用機會,將之最大化。這是一個富足人生的秘訣。」- Harry Paul (《Fish!派克魚鋪奇蹟》共同作者)



● 增進我們理解他人的能力
● 增加我們個人的能量
● 培養更好的團隊合作,達成突破性的成果
● 改善我們個人的伴侶關係以及工作上的合夥關係

作為頂尖的商業演說家,Brian Biro以簡潔有目標性的篇章,加上他生命中所遭遇的許多小故事,交織成這本飽含實用見解與行動方針的書,只要我們應用在生活中,就會創造生機勃勃、豐富且完滿的生涯。

In an inspiring new book, management consultant and world-renowned speaking guru Brian Biro describes how each and every one of us can seize and act upon the Windows of Opportunity that we encounter to transform our lives.

In There Are No Overachievers, Brian Biro distils a lifetime of motivational lessons on how to be more energized and passionate in work and life by seizing what he calls the WOO – our windows of opportunity. A WOO is a precious, unrepeatable moment that can influence, redirect and even reshape our lives when we choose to seize it. And as we begin to recognize these exceptional opportunities, we see how they can…

● enhance our ability to relate to others
● increase our personal energy
● foster greater teamwork to deliver breakthrough results
● improve our partnerships, personally and professionally

Narrated in short, targeted chapters and interweaving personal stories and anecdotes from his life as a top business speaker, national swimming coach and former corporate vice president, Biro offers a wealth of practical insights and action steps we can apply to our lives - and the secret to creating a dynamic, flourishing and fulfilling career.
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Brian D. Biro

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