Alphabet Cities: Around the World in 32 Pull-Out Prints

Alphabet Cities: Around the World in 32 Pull-Out Prints

作者 : David Doran



定價 : NT 749

售價 : NT749




這套版畫集的繪者David Doran一直對傳統的版畫技術有興趣,不斷探索版畫的質地與色調。這套字母城市集,構圖古典又帶著些許活潑的律動感,色調清新又帶著和暖氣息,是平面設計難得的作品集。

Travel the globe with 32 typographic prints inspired by the world’s greatest cities, all the way from Amsterdam to Zurich, with stops in Paris, Rio and Tokyo along the way. Perfect to pull out and frame. Also features quirky trivia on each city and a large double-sided poster.

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David Doran


David Doran is an award-winning illustrator based in the UK. Alphabet Cities is David’s first authored book, born from a love of travel and exploring. It has given him, and readers, a chance to learn a little more about quirky and beautiful cities around the world. David’s favourite city is New York for its architecture, hustle and bustle … and pizza.

David graduated from Falmouth University in 2014 with a first class degree in illustration and has worked for a wide range of international clients, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Oscars, Creative Review, Telegraph Magazine and the Sunday Times among others.
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