The Raqqa Diaries: Escape from Islamic State

The Raqqa Diaries: Escape from Islamic State

作者 : Samer

出版社 : Hutchinson

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「每個人一生中都該花幾個小時閱讀這本書,因為本書可以提醒他們,即便人類陷入黑暗的悲慘深淵,最勇敢的靈魂依舊存在。」-《星期日泰晤士報》(Sunday Times)


本書作者Samer,年方24,逃離拉卡後,目前住在北敘利亞的難民營中。Samer是一個小型的媒體行動團體Al-Sharqiya 24的成員之一,在英國BBC電台與Al-Sharqiya 24斷斷續續地接觸數個月後,Samer決定挺身而出,寫下他在拉卡的經歷。


'A clarion call to all of us that we should not give up. Somewhere there is a voice in the wreckage.' Michael Palin

Since ISIS occupied Raqqa in eastern Syria, it has become one of the most isolated and fear-ridden cities on earth.

The sale of televisions has been banned, wearing trousers the wrong length is a punishable offence, and using a mobile phone is considered an unforgivable crime.

No journalists are allowed in and the penalty for speaking yo the western media is death by beheading.

Despite this, after several months of nervy and often interrupted conversations, the BBC was able to make contact with a small activist group, Al-Sharqiya 24. Finally, courageously, one of their members agreed to write a personal diary about his experiences.

Having seen friends and relatives butchered, his community's life shattered and the local economy ruined by these hate-fuelled extremists, Samer is fighting back in the only way he can: by telling the world what is happening to his beloved city.

This is Samer's story.
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