Jo Nagasaka/ Schemata Architects: Objects and Spaces

Jo Nagasaka/ Schemata Architects: Objects and Spaces

作者 : Jo Nagasaka

出版社 : Frame


定價 : NT 1,760

售價79折, NT1,390


這本別出心裁的書,揭示了日本新銳建築師長坂常設計的進化過程,呈現他的工作室Schemata Architects建築事務所的作品,範圍極廣的圖稿,顯示事務所的強項以及帶給人啟發的視野。


The evolution of Jo Nagasaka’s design process is unveiled in a unique publication about his studio’s work. The wide - ranging portfolio of th e Japanese firm Schemata Architects demonstrate s its strengths and inspirational vision .

P inpointing the founder’s creative spark is what this book is all about. Nagasaka’s focus is often drawn to tired, found objects or unused spaces . Th rough investigations to seek modern solutions and pio neering re - purposing techniques , he manages to transform interiors and breath life back into objects . His projects range from large - scale installations and interactive interior environments to smaller - scale products. Revealing insights into his way of work ing, the book highlights new findings about how the designer is able to capture the essence of his thoughts and relate the key aspects of a project in creative and innovative ways. The articles emphasi z e the designer's concepts, giving unique insight into the firm's process from the designer’s perspective.

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Jo Nagasaka
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