Their Finest (Film Tie-in Ed.)

Their Finest (Film Tie-in Ed.)

作者 : Lissa Evans



定價 : NT 440

售價79折, NT348




1940年的英國,Catrin Cole在倫敦蘇荷區的一間小廣告商擔任文案。直到「倫敦大爆炸」事件後,陷入低迷的英國政府為了鼓舞士氣,徵招一群電影拍攝團隊小組,在戰火中能拍攝出一部燃起國家希望的影片,同時也能影響美國一同加入二戰成為同盟國。從未有編劇經驗的Catrin一同加入這個新團隊,以她特有的女性觀點改編電影,Catrin的才華受到同僚的尊重與肯定,甚至連自負不已的資深男演員都感動不已。感受1940年一群電影工作者如何以藝術的力量及熱情,重新提振個人到國家受到災難下的受創士氣。

Now a major film starring Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin and Bill Nighy.

It's 1940. In a small advertising agency in Soho, Catrin Cole writes snappy lines for Vida Elastic and So-Bee-Fee gravy browning. But the nation is in peril, all skills are transferable and there's a place in the war effort for those who have a knack with words.

Catrin is conscripted into the world of propaganda films. After a short spell promoting the joy of swedes for the Ministry of Food, she finds herself writing dialogue for 'Just an Ordinary Wednesday', a heart-warming but largely fabricated 'true story' about rescue and romance on the beaches of Dunkirk. And as bombs start to fall on London, she discovers that there's just as much drama, comedy and passion behind the scenes as there is in front of the camera . . .

Originally published as Their Finest Hour and a Half
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