The New Koreans: The Business, History and People of South Korea

The New Koreans: The Business, History and People of South Korea

作者 : Michael Breen



定價 : NT 499

售價 : NT499


南北韓專家Michael Breen剖析南韓商業、歷史與人民的新作。

「如果某人要居住在韓國,或與韓國人做生意,這是一本當然要讀的書。對這個了不起(但又不太被理解)的國家,本書訊息豐富、介紹深入。此外,它還非常吸引人。」--《現代韓國的黎明》The Dawn of Modern Korea作者/Andrei Lankov

「法國人Alexis de Tocqueville為1830年代的美國人寫了一本書,而英國人Michael Breen則研究了21世紀的韓國人,他毫不猶疑地戳破韓國人迷人的習性,但也描繪出討喜、令人尊敬的整體肖像,特別是使韓國成為經濟強國甚至成為文化指標的強大力量,那就是一種行動迅速的秩序。本書研究不僅既深且廣,而且非常有趣。」--韓國觀察家/Bradley K. Martin


本書作者Michael Breen在南韓工作多年,深度解析造就現代韓國的原因,以及它將往何處去。透過發人深省的小故事與觀察,他為這個亞洲最矛盾、兩極化的國家描繪出迷人的畫像。

In the course of a couple of generations, South Koreans took themselves out of the paddy fields and into Silicon Valley, establishing themselves as a democracy alongside the advanced countries of the world. Yet for all their ambition and achievement, the new Koreans are a curiously self-deprecating people. Theirs is a land with a rich and complex past, certain aspects of which they would prefer to forget as they focus on the future.

Having lived and worked in South Korea for many years, Michael Breen considers what drives the nation today, and where it is heading. Through insightful anecdotes and observations, he provides a compelling portrait of Asia's most contradictory and polarized country. South Koreans are motivated by defiance, Breen argues: defiance of their antagonistic neighbour, North Korea, of their own history and of international opinion. Here is an overlooked nation with, great drive, determined to succeed on its own terms.
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Michael Breen

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