Hacking Growth: How Today's Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success

Hacking Growth: How Today's Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success

作者 : Morgan Brown/ Sean Ellis



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“成長駭客”(Growth Hacker)的先驅者與共同創辦人Morgan Brown與Sean Ellis打造的電子行銷教戰手冊,讓你的公司就像矽谷及其他快速成長的公司,如:Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, LinkedIn與Pinterest一樣,利用這個最夯的行銷手法,抓住你的客戶,賣出你的產品,使業績蒸蒸日上。





'a compelling methodology... to increase market share quickly' -- Eric Ries, bestselling author of THE LEAN STARTUP

'a must-read for anyone in business' -- James Currier, managing partner, NFX Guild

'will teach you how to think like a marketer of tomorrow' -- Josh Elman, partner, Greylock Partners

Growth is now the first thing that investors, shareholders and market analysts look for in assessing and valuing companies.

HACKING GROWTH is a highly accessible, practical, method for growth that involves cross-functional teams and continuous testing and iteration. Hacking Growth does for marketshare growth what THE LEAN STARTUP does for product development and BUSINESS MODEL GENERATION does for strategy. HACKING GROWTH focuses on customers - how to attain them, retain them, engage them, and monetize them - rather than product.

Written by the method's pioneers, this book is a comprehensive toolkit or "bible" that any company in any industry can use to implement their own Growth Hacking strategy, from how to set up and run growth teams, to how to identify and test growth levers, and how to evaluate and act on the results. It is designed for any company or leader looking to break out of the ruts of traditional marketing and become more collaborative, less wasteful, and achieve more consistent, replicable, and data-driven results.
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