The Architect's Studio: Wang Shu and Amateur Architecture Studio

The Architect's Studio: Wang Shu and Amateur Architecture Studio

作者 : Iwan Baan; Wang Shu/kjeld Kjeldsen/Nanna Friis/Kenneth Frampton/Ole Bouman/Yiping Dong/Aric Chen/Tex



定價 : NT 2,200

售價79折, NT1,738


今年2月9日起至4月30日,中國知名建築師、也是2012年普立茲克獎得主的王澍,在美國舉辦了"The Architect's Studio"建築展,此書響應這場展覽,收錄王澍近年對於中國爆發式的城市化、急於過度西化、破壞中國固有景觀的種種反思--王澍與他的建築團隊「業餘工作室」(Amateur Architecture Studio)善用回收、環保的建材,將中國古典建築細節揉入建築作品裡,使建築集合古今優點與美感、保留對風土民情的尊敬與愛惜。   

Accompanying an exhibition of the same name at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, this publication examines the recent work of the Chinese architect Wang Shu, Pritzker Prize winner in 2012.

At a time when China’s explosive urbanization is making inroads into rural areas and leaving the marks of cheap concrete construction everywhere, Wang Shu and Amateur Architecture Studio are keen to work against this tendency by reusing materials from the buildings that Chinese authorities are systematically tearing down and rebuilding after western models. Wang Shu’s architecture reveals a thoughtful attitude toward both design and implementation, as well as the ability to react flexibly to the surroundings and history of a particular site.
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