True Print: Dafi Kuhne

True Print: Dafi Kuhne

作者 : Dafi Kuhne


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定價 : NT 1,925

售價79折, NT1,521


Dafi Kühne是瑞士的設計師,利用實物與數位方式來製作既鮮活又獨特的凸版印刷海報。他使用各種不同的工具,從電腦到繪圖縮放儀來構圖,因此擴大了設計的疆界。在創作過程中,從不害怕弄髒他的手,他擁抱從概念發想到完成作品的整個過程中所需要的苦力活。融合現代的方式與百年傳統的凸版印刷術,他以一種毫不懷舊的方式,創造了一種透過型態與形式作為溝通的新式語彙。他的作品從來不復古,而是對追尋平面設計新方法的回應,那就是"真切的印刷"。

Dafi Kühne is a Swiss designer who works with analog and digital ways to produce fresh and unique letterpress-printed posters. Using very different kinds of instruments, from a MacBook to a pantograph, for his compositions, he pushes the boundaries of design. Never afraid of getting his hands dirty in his creative workshop, Kühne embraces the labor involved in the entire process of creating a poster from initial idea to finished product. Fusing modern means with the century-old tradition of the letterpress, he forms a new vocabulary on how to communicate through type and form in a truly un-nostalgic way. Never retro, his work is a clever response to the search for new ways of graphic expression: true print.

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