Side by Side Extra 3: Book and eText (International Ed./3Ed.)

Side by Side Extra 3: Book and eText (International Ed./3Ed.)

作者 : Steven J. Molinsky/ Bill Bliss



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Side by Side has helped over 30 million students worldwide succeed as English language learners. Now, Side by Side Extra provides enhanced instruction and includes a digital eText that promotes students' independent practice and mastery learning.

Outstanding features
‧A dynamic conversational approach creates lvely and effective language learning - the hallmark of the Side by Side classroom.
‧The digital eText offers instant-access point-of-use audio and serves as the student's virtual speaking companion for independent conversation practice.
‧The eText FunZone with games, videos, animations, and music provides entertaining practice that reinforces each unit's objectives.
‧Built-in assessment includes unit check-up tests along with "Can-Do" review activities enabling students to assess their progress.
‧Gazette magazing sections provide high-interest enrichment material for use in class or at home.
‧Expanded Activity Workbooks provide all-skills practice including listening activities, raps, and songs.
‧Teacher's Guides offer strategies for new and experienced teachers, with special attention to multilevel classes.
‧Audio Program options include audio highlights and complete audio in standard and mp3 formats for flexible access.
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Steven J. Molinsky

Bill Bliss
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