Fashion Forward: 300 Years of Fashion

Fashion Forward: 300 Years of Fashion

作者 : Pierre Berge/ Olivier Gabet/ Pamela Golbin/ Denis Bruna



定價 : NT 2,275

售價79折, NT1,797




本書也探索了時尚如何與精緻藝術(美術)和裝飾藝術交織在一起,許多偉大的高級服裝設計師,如:浪凡(Jeanne Lanvin)、香奈兒(Gabrielle Chanel)、迪奧(Christian Dior)與聖羅蘭(Yves Saint Laurent)的服裝作品都與知名的藝術作品有關,像是YSL的蒙德里安服飾(Mondrian dress)就是很好的例子。

不少的時尚作品明顯透露出它與其他藝術領域之間濃濃的關係,18世紀的裝飾木鑲板、Zuber的風景壁紙、插畫家Paul Iribe的畫作如何為服裝設計師Paul Poiret帶來靈感,這些在歷史上各種時尚風格的變形,堆砌出當今全球時尚的活潑與兼容並蓄,本書為讀者提供了一個時尚流變的完美場景。

Tracing the evolution of fashion—from the opulence of the court of Louis XV to the catwalk couture of today—this stunningly illustrated volume charts three centuries of fashion trends and innovations.

This handsome volume is published to accompany a major exhibition that chronicles fashion from the seventeenth century to the present. Featuring three hundred iconic pieces, it highlights key moments in fashion history and provides new insight into the designers, patrons, and groundbreaking techniques and materials. It also explores how fashion has always been intertwined with both fine art and the decorative arts. Many of the great couturiers were known for this artistic cross-pollination, including such towering figures as Jeanne Lanvin, Madeleine Vionnet, Gabrielle Chanel, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent.
Re-created here are a number of fashion  inflection points illustrating fashion’s  elective affinities  with other disciplines. Eighteenth-century wood paneling, scenic wallpapers by Zuber, and Paul Iribe’s drawings for Paul Poiret, among other examples, provide perfect settings for fashion’s stylistic metamorphoses culminating in the effervescence and eclecticism of today’s global fashion scene.

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