Edward Weston

Edward Weston

作者 : Terence Pitts



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美國當代攝影藝術家Edward Weston攝影全集

世界上少有像 Edward Weston(1886-1958)能創作出如此經典作品的攝影大師。他以獨特的柔焦攝影技術,與多位知名攝影大師組成光圈64攝影小組(Group f/64),作品具有清晰真實的獨特風格,更被稱為「直接攝影」。如此前衛跳躍的攝影風格,因此讓Weston的攝影功力走向更高境界,畫面的精緻度,跳脫傳統攝影境界,超凡的現實主義,更讓他的作品展現出一種寂靜及冷冽的極致感受。他在摄影個方面都有極高的造詣,经典代表作如《鸚鵡螺》、《青椒》、《裸體》、、《岩石》等靜物作品,都讓他被後世譽為攝影界的畢卡索。

Uncompromising Passion
The sensuality and straight photography of Edward Weston

Few photographers have created such a legacy as Edward Weston (1886–1958). After a decade of successfully making photographs with painterly soft-focus techniques, he became the driving figure behind a group of West Coast artists dubbed Group f/64, which pioneered the sharp, precise school of “Straight Photography.” With that stylistic leap, Weston’s career moved into high gear, creating photographs of extraordinary sensual realism, perfectly poised between compositional stillness and searing intensity.

With nudes, nature studies, and myriad perspectives on the dramatic Californian landscape, Weston’s works aimed to locate the “very substance and quintessence of the thing itself.” In this concise monograph, we gather some of the finest Weston works to explore how he pursued and achieved this aim whether with a landscape, shell, or naked body.

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