Yoshitomo Nara: Shallow Puddles

Yoshitomo Nara: Shallow Puddles

作者 : Yoshitomo Nara

出版社 : BLUM & POE

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定價 : NT 1,400

售價79折, NT1,106



本書以全彩及精細的圖片完整重現奈良美智的同名創作圓盤繪圖系列作品,圓形淺盤拼貼出網格狀的畫布,圖像中的人物宛如沉浸在一個水世界裡。每一件作品都只有主角孤單一人,水汪汪的大眼睛像是閃避著觀展者的目光,卻又如此炯炯有神。這些彩色的圓盤,宛如走進奈良美智所構思的水世界入口,不論是構圖、色彩及繪圖技巧都令人嘆為觀止,超越傳統肖像畫風的全新風格。除了作品的呈現,書中更邀約曾與奈良美智多次合作的策展人,青森縣立美術館館長Shigemi Takahashi撰寫內文。本書絕對是喜愛奈良美智創作的夢幻逸品。

Shallow Puddles brims with full-color, detailed images of Yoshitomo Nara’s (born 1959) titular series. These paintings are executed on shallow circular dishes, covered with small square patches of canvas, and seemingly create portals to a world inundated with water.

Depicted on each is a solitary figure that, like those in many of the artist’s iconic paintings, holds the viewer’s gaze with its large, full eyes, some even with averted eyes. Ground and figure are the main components of each work, yet the artist’s painterly execution calls attention to his manipulation of color, form and composition to create an image that transcends traditional portraiture. Included is an essay by Shigemi Takahashi, curator at Aomori Museum of Art, who has worked closely with the artist on numerous projects.

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