Rise of the Machines: The Lost History of Cybernetics

Rise of the Machines: The Lost History of Cybernetics

作者 : Thomas Rid

出版社 : Scribe Publications


定價 : NT 495

售價79折, NT391


英國倫敦國王學院安全研究教授Thomas Rid探討人類與機器之間的微妙關係

英國倫敦國王學院安全研究教授Thomas Rid以生動有力的描述,探討控制論的重要創新及社會意涵,從雷達、巡弋飛彈到現代的監視器、加密貨幣及虛擬實境裝置的發明,人類與機器之間的關係越來越密不可分,越先進的科技雖然讓生活便利及穩定,也令人類更感到恐懼與焦慮。數學加威納自創控制論一詞,因此衍生出控制論與自動化機器之間密不可分的關係。科學家在軍事研究中不斷實驗自動化戰爭的可能性,電子化及機器人的革命新概念,則進而產生賽伯格及網路空間等。Thomas Rid認為若要探討人類與機器共生的未來,則必須先理解控制論的歷史及源由。 

What does "cyber" even mean? And where does the idea come from?

We live in an age increasingly defined by technology. But as we check our emails, board a plane, or read about the latest Russian hack, we rarely ask how the ideas that shaped our modern world originated.

Thomas Rid's revelatory history of cybernetics pulls together disparate threads in the history of technology: from the invention of radar and pilotless flying bombs in World War Two, to artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cryptocurrencies, and present day fears about cyber security.
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