Pallets 3.0.: Remodeled, Reused, Recycled: Architecture+Design

Pallets 3.0.: Remodeled, Reused, Recycled: Architecture+Design

作者 : Chris van Uffelen

出版社 : Verlagshaus Braun

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定價 : NT 2,000

售價79折, NT1,580


Pallets are a universal symbol of the globalized world. The properties of this transport platform – standardization, stability, simplicity and internationality – are carried over into the work of architects and designers who use pallets as the material for their own creations. This book shows the variety of possibilities that can emerge from the creative interaction with an inconspicuous everyday article.
The aspects of their simple design can be expressed by stacking pallets or contradicted in fragile structures. All around the world furniture items and interior design systems are created along with entire buildings based on the predetermined proportions of pallets. Sometimes the mass product is also demolished and only used in parts: for example, when bisected pallets serve as sideboards or individual boards are recycled as façade cladding.
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