The Descent of Man

The Descent of Man

作者 : Grayson Perry



定價 : NT 595

售價79折, NT470


獲獎無數的英國藝術家Grayson Perry解析現代男性悲歌

極具爭議性的英國藝術家及倫敦藝術大學校長Grayson Perry的全新作品,以敏銳的角度探討現代男性議題,如果我們重新定義男性主義,以嶄新的面貌塑造男性,是否能讓世界變得更美好?縱使充斥霸凌、偏激言論及厭女症的現代社會,男性被賦予的角色及壓力卻遭受忽視,而Perry透過本書啟發人們重新思考「男人味」。男人也許能在男性主導的社會獲取不少經濟和地位上的好處,但他們在感情上強加給自己的壓力可能是災難性的。Perry經研究發現,自殺居然是50歲以下年輕男性的主要死因,「男人的問題不在於他們的性別,而在於他們被指定的性別角色。」男人很難坦率地說出他們的痛苦,甚至覺察不到自己正在遭受情緒上的折磨。重新審視男性至對世界的影響,唯有學習坦誠傾訴方能重獲心靈上的自由。 

What does it mean to be male in the 21st Century? Award-winning artist Grayson Perry explores what masculinity is: from sex to power, from fashion to career prospects, and what it could become—with illustrations throughout.

In this witty and necessary new book, artist Grayson Perry trains his keen eye on the world of men to ask, what sort of man would make the world a better place? What would happen if we rethought the macho, outdated version of manhood, and embraced a different ideal? In the current atmosphere of bullying, intolerance and misogyny, demonstrated in the recent Trump versus Clinton presidential campaign, The Descent of Man is a timely and essential addition to current conversations around gender.

Apart from gaining vast new wardrobe options, the real benefit might be that a newly fitted masculinity will allow men to have better relationships—and that’s happiness, right? Grayson Perry admits he’s not immune from the stereotypes himself—yet his thoughts on everything from power to physical appearance, from emotions to a brand new Manifesto for Men, are shot through with honesty, tenderness, and the belief that, for everyone to benefit, updating masculinity has to be something men decide to do themselves. They have nothing to lose but their hang-ups.

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