Penny & Lars

Penny & Lars

作者 : Hiroko Kuwada/ Yoko Watatani

出版社 : White Star S.P.A.


定價 : NT 275

售價79折, NT217




Pompette設計公司是由兩位來自廣島的設計師Hiroko Kuwada及大阪的視覺藝術家Yuko Watatani聯手打造,以透過創作傳達每日的小確幸及感受美好生活為宗旨。

Meet Penny and Lars, the cute penguin living at the South Pole and the jovial polar bear travelling on the Arctic pack ice. While Penny likes fish, Lars loves sinking his teeth into a juicy steak yet, they both love to indulge in a delicious slice of cake! Despite their differences, these adorable characters, who are the creation of the Japanese studio &quote;Pompette&quote;, manage to become best friends. This beautifully illustrated book is a delightful story of friendship. AUTHOR: Pompette are a design duo hoping to deliver a little happiness through their creations. Hiroko Kuwada, known for her whimsical illustrations with a little humour, was born and raised in Hiroshima and studied design in Kyoto. Yuko Watatani is the visionary and critical thinker of Pompette. Born in Osaka Graphic illustrations
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Hiroko Kuwada and Yoko Watatani
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