The Greatest Story Ever Told...So Far

The Greatest Story Ever Told...So Far

作者 : Lawrence Krauss



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紐約時報暢銷書《A Universe from Nothing》作者,獲獎無數的理論物理學家勞倫斯•M•克勞絲科普新作


以上就是最偉大的宇宙起源的開端,克勞絲科帶領我們走進未知的世界,以專業的科普知識,帶領我們與宇宙連結。他用簡易明瞭的文字,解析我們對於現在自然世界的認知,還有架構了粒子物理學的標準模型。藉由宇宙的起源,讓我們理解人類存在的意義。繼全球暢銷書《A Universe from Nothing》後,克勞絲科再度讚詠自然世界的美好,穿越時間與空間,從望遠鏡到顯微鏡,發現地球源源不絕的生命力。宇宙若真是「無中生有」,現今的萬事萬物又是從何而來?跟著克勞絲科的腳步,回到一切的開端,論述宇宙演化,一場橫跨時間與空間的旅行即將啟程,挑戰你的思維與想像力。

'A great educator as well as a great physicist' Richard Dawkins In the beginning there was light but more than this, there was gravity. After that, all hell broke loose...This is how the story of the greatest intellectual adventure in history should be introduced - how humanity reached its current understanding of the universe, one that is far removed from the realm of everyday experience. Krauss connects the world we know with the invisible world all around us, which is removed from intuition and direct sensation.

He explains our current understanding of nature and the struggle to construct the greatest theoretical edifice ever assembled, the Standard Model of Particle Physics -- and then to understand its implications for our existence. Writing in the critically acclaimed style of A Universe from Nothing, Krauss celebrates the beauty and wonders of the natural world and details our place within it and how this shapes our understanding of it.

Krauss makes this story accessible through profiles of the scientists responsible for these advances, and clear explanations of their discoveries. Krauss takes us on a tour of science and the brilliant personalities who shaped it, often against political and religious indoctrination, enduring persecution and ostracism. Krauss creates a captivating blend of research and narrative to invite us into the lives and minds of these figures,creating a landmark work of scientific history.
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