The Happy Prince: A Tale by Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince: A Tale by Oscar Wilde

作者 : Oscar Wilde


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1888年王爾德的童話《快樂王子》: 一隻小燕子飛往埃及過冬的途中,停在快樂王子的雕像上,雕像突然流出一滴一滴的眼淚。但,「快樂」王子為什麼留淚呢?原來王子看到子民的疾苦而流淚。王子央求小燕子當他的使者,將身上的鑽石送給沒錢買木柴,凍到手僵的作家,給沒錢買食物給孩子吃的媽媽。最後王子連眼睛也送出去了,好心的燕子自願留下來當王子的雙眼。沒了鑽石的雕像不再美麗,市長下令拆下…
本書由2015波隆納入選畫家 Maisie Paradise Shearring 插畫,線條簡單、寫意,色鉛筆粗曠的線條詮釋角落的陰暗,和王子傷心暗舊的臉龐。另外,在燕子代替王子看世界,讀者可以看到巴西里約的基督像、馬雅古城、萬里長城…旁邊還有一台相機,非常新穎的詮釋。

A beautifully illustrated retelling of Oscar Wilde’s classic story

Originally published by Oscar Wilde in 1888, The Happy Prince is the much- loved story of a gilded statue, a kind- hearted Swallow, and generosity of spirit. A Swallow bound for Egypt takes refuge at the feet of a golden statue of a prince erected in a European town, agreeing to bring pieces of the statue to less fortunate city dwellers at the request of the prince himself.

Illustrator Maisie Paradise Shearring offers a lively take on this well- known tale, creating each scene in whimsical detail. This fresh perspective appeals to a new generation of children, while imparting an important life lesson at the same time.
Illustrated in color throughout

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