Globalizing Japanese Philosophy as an Academic Discipline

Globalizing Japanese Philosophy as an Academic Discipline

作者 : Chun-chieh Huang/ Wing-keung Lam

出版社 : 國立臺灣大學出版中心

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The book is divided into two parts, namely “Japanese Philosophy: Teaching and Research in the Global World” and “Japanese Philosophy as an Academic Discipline.” The first part integrates reports on the state of teaching and research of Japanese philosophy. The areas discussed are Japan, Canada, France, Spain and Englishspeaking regions. The second part contains contributions on various topics of Japanese philosophy, such as papers on Nishida Kitaro, Kuki Shuzo, Tanabe Hajime to Sakabe Megumi as a contemporary thinker. These articles not only show the topics of Japanese philosophical debate, but also the potential of Japanese philosophical thoughts.
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Ching-yuen Cheung
Dr. Ching-yuen Cheung (張政遠) has taught philosophy for seven years and is currently lecturer at the Department of Japanese Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Wing-keung Lam
Dr. Wing-keung Lam (林永強) is currently Project Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo.
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