The Crowdsourceress: Get Smart, Get Funded, and Kickstart Your Next Big Idea

The Crowdsourceress: Get Smart, Get Funded, and Kickstart Your Next Big Idea

作者 : Alex Daly



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獲《富比士》雜誌選為2016年30歲以下”行銷廣告類”菁英的Alex Daly,以本書告訴你,如何利用群眾集資,讓你的夢想成真。


R&B女子樂團TLC為了錄製新專輯,在全球最大的集資網站Kickstarter募得了43萬美金,幾乎是預期目標15萬美金的3倍;而《奇想之年》作者Joan Didion紀錄片”We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live”製作團隊,同樣成功地募集了22萬元美金,比目標金額8萬高出許多。如此看來,在集資平台募集創業資金是一件不太困難的事?畢竟,過去幾年來,透過群眾募資平台所募得的總金額高達340億美金。然而事實是,在募資平台上的宣傳活動,僅有40%能夠成功達陣。TLC與Joan Didion紀錄片能夠集資成功,幕後的大功臣就是本書作者Alex Daly。

在本書中,Alex Daly列舉她最成功的案例,帶領讀者深入理解她的操作方式,其中包括:
● 如何在宣傳活動發布前就建立鐵粉群
● 理解群眾為什麼對你的計劃方案給予並創造好評的心理學
● 找到正確的集資平台
● 如何處理未能完成的承諾以及安撫憤怒的贊助人
● 如何讓你的計畫與贊助者之間產生親密感,提升計畫被分享出去的可能性
● 如何利用影響力與獨有性來獲得資金


In the past year, crowdfunding platforms helped generate a staggering $34 billion dollars in funding. But the harsh reality is that the majority of crowdfunding campaigns fail-only 40% meet their goals. And failing means failing hard. If you fall short of your goal by the deadline, not only won't you see any of the money you've worked so hard to raise, but you might actually tarnish your shiny idea.
Alex Daly is a hugely successful crowdfunding expert who has run some of Kickstarter's biggest campaigns, from TLC's new album to Neil Young's music player to Joan Didion's documentary "We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live." In this book, she shows you how to: * Build a deep fan base prior to launch * Understand the psychology of why people give and create the right narrative around your project * Find the right platform on which to raise funds * Deal with unfulfilled promises and angry backers * Create intimacy and promote shareability of your project * Best use influence and exclusivity to get funded.

Woven throughout is Alex's own entrepreneurial story-the unconventional career path she took to ultimately start her business, Vann Alexandra, thanks to crowdfunding. And she will take readers deep into her most successful campaigns, showing them how she helped them get funded. As someone who's spent lots of time in the trenches, she has learned the hard way how to communicate and connect with people on the Internet-and offers tangible tools to run your own crowdfunding campaigns. Above all, this is a book about how to fully connect with the crowd, get people to pay attention, and inspire them to act.
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Alex Daly
創意服務廣告公司Vann Alexandra的創辦人,她透過群眾集資獲得財源來推動計畫方案,是業界有名的群眾集資專家,新聞界甚至封她為”群眾外包女王”(crowdsouceress)。她的客戶包括知名歌手Neil Young,,獲得奧斯卡獎的電影製作人以及R&B女子樂團TLC等。
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