You Will Be Able to Draw by the End of This Book

You Will Be Able to Draw by the End of This Book

作者 : Jake Spicer



定價 : NT 825

售價79折, NT652



經驗豐富的藝術家兼繪畫老師Jake Spicer,用他創新並容易依循的方法,為您帶來精彩的素描課程。跟著書中所提的簡易方式,接著就可以馬上練習畫技。從簡單的方法開始,到最後你將掌握高超的各種技法,在你學習繪畫的路上,有Jake老師相陪,用他簡單又直接的建議與各種小技巧,幫助你增進繪畫技法。現在,就拿起你的鉛筆,享受畫圖的樂趣吧!

Discover an engaging new way of learning to draw in this superbly conceived interactive guided sketchbook.

Experienced artist and teacher Jake Spicer brings the drawing lessons to you, using his innovative and easy-to-follow methods. Follow the simple lessons on the page, then practice them straight away in the book. From easy ways to get started, to the head-turning techniques you will master by the end, Jake will accompany you on your journey, with straightforward advice and lots of tricks to help you develop your skill. So pick up a pencil right now and discover the joy of drawing!

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