Designing a Vision: Janice Parker Landscape Architects

Designing a Vision: Janice Parker Landscape Architects

作者 : Janice Parker

出版社 : Image Entertainment, Inc.

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定價 : NT 2,100

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◎A full-colour, richly illustrated and comprehensive outline of Janice Parker's inspiration, technique, design, construction and implementation of landscape gardening
◎Resource for landscape designers/architects who want to continue their personal and professional development in the field
◎Includes lists of useful websites, including industry-specific, noteworthy nurseries and tradespeople

In her well-rounded career as a landscape architect, horticultural specialist, garden consultant, teacher, floral designer, and speaker, Janice Parker has distinguished herself by rethinking accepted landscape practices and developing inventive, personal solutions for difficult problems. As an entrepreneur and principal of her own firm, Janice has extensive hands-on experience in every facet of landscape design, so she understands the process from start to finish. As a result, the work and projects depicted in Janice Parker Landscape Architects: Vision and Process are realistic as well as inspiring. They focus on the most important aspect of the creative process: the relationship. 'A garden is a relationship: a relationship between a person and a bed of soil; between a vision and a site; sometimes between the city and the country, between our desire for it and our lack of understanding of it. It is our relationship to the natural world.'

Diverse styles of landscape projects are represented at all stages of development: from the vision, design, and plans, to the construction process, details, and plantings. Containing first-hand accounts of Janice's experience and practice, this beautiful volume is replete with case studies, anecdotes, illustrations, insights, and visual aids. The finished projects are displayed in a creative and direct format. Strong graphic layouts collaborate with insightful narratives to produce a striking and informative book, while verdant photography augments an incredible number of colour renderings, watercolours, inspiring artworks and plans of the projects throughout.
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