Vet Academy: Are You Ready for the Challenge? (+Sticker)

Vet Academy: Are You Ready for the Challenge? (+Sticker)

作者 : Steve Martin



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售價65折, NT360


獸醫學院 提供一系列養成課 

你喜歡動物嗎?好奇動物受傷時,獸醫怎麼醫治動物嗎?這是一本獸醫養成書!提供一系列獸醫養成課程。首先打通任督二脈,要讓小讀者知道的是:不管醫治人或醫治動物,愛是最好的靈藥!書裡備有檢核表,檢視自己是否有愛心,能否成為一個好獸醫﹔主人通常很焦慮、不安、疑惑,表情閱讀課裡,有各式表情圖,學習閱讀主人的表情,和應對(如:試著安撫或是解釋療程細節)﹔另外還提供貓狗語言、每日飲食、動物年紀知多少、打敗無聊的小物、歡迎新到動物、照顧剛出生的動物、認識兩棲類…等課程,並有仿Where’s Wally的Where’s Woolly(羊毛尋寶)趣味遊戲。每完成一堂課,貼上一張貼紙。書後有貼紙和資料卡。

Are You Ready for the Challenge?
So you really love animals... what would it really be like to be a vet and work with animals every day? Let’s find out if you have what it takes...

Start learning the basics required to become a vet with this unique activity book. Vet Academy includes sections about the three main different types of vet you might become – Pet Vet, Zoo Vet or Farm Vet. A wide range of topics are covered, from learning about baby animals and everything they need to grow strong and healthy to finding out about vaccinations and diets for different animals. You will also learn about animal body language, exercise, and keeping animals happy and healthy! Key skills are practised with a variety of fun activities, including observation, speed and accuracy tasks, and matching and finding games

Entertaining, educational, and engaging, Vet Academy makes veterinary science fun and accessible for kids who love animals.
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