Warriors: Dawn of the Clans 1-6 (6冊合售)

Warriors: Dawn of the Clans 1-6 (6冊合售)

作者 : Erin Hunter

作者 : 艾琳.杭特



定價 : NT 1,680

售價71折, NT1,199


Discover the origins of the warrior Clans in this thrilling Warriors prequel series from #1 nationally bestselling author Erin Hunter! This box set—featuring a striking new look—includes all six books in the Dawn of the Clans prequel series, and is perfect for the collections of longtime Erin Hunter fans or readers new to the Warriors world.

For many moons, a tribe of cats has lived near the top of a mountain, where prey is scarce and the seasons are harsh. A group of brave young cats sets off in search of a better home… but the dangers of their new world threaten to divide them. They must find a new way to live side by side—or risk tearing one another apart.

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