Smart Product Design

Smart Product Design

作者 : Sendpoints/ Ed.

出版社 : SendPoints Books


定價 : NT 1,400

售價79折, NT1,106


近年來許多智慧型產品誕生,大大的改變了我們的生活。並隨著科技的發展,智慧型商品將更加接近我們的環境與日常生活。《Smart Product Design》透過世界最有才華的設計師與公司領導者的訪談,展示全球結合產品與人工智慧商品,詳細的設計概念與創作草圖,提供產品設計師設計創作靈感來源,以及相關產業專業人士參考與應用。

The recent years have witnessed the birth of many smart products that have dramatically changed our life. It's believed that smart products will be even closer to our life with the development of science and technology. Smart Product Design unveils the world behind intelligent products by featuring interviews with some of the most talented designers and company leaders, and showcasing a selection of smart products from them. The book is more than a source of inspiration for product designers, but also shares the insights from industry veterans with readers passionate for smart products.

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