The World of Anna Sui

The World of Anna Sui

作者 : Tim Blanks


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Anna Sui (蕭志美)是紐約最受人喜愛且最有成就的時尚設計師之一,她大量研究復古造型與神秘的文化現象,以此為靈感所設計的服飾,深具原創性,特別是織品上的印花圖案,使她享譽國際。1970年代,她加入深具文化創意的地下團體,將時尚、攝影、藝術、音樂與設計之間彼此重要的關係作了連結。

本書是配合倫敦時尚與織品博物館舉行的「Anna Sui的世界」展覽所出版的圖錄,透過觀察她設計的服飾與工作室,理解她作為既是設計師又是藝術家的職業生涯。時尚記者Tim Blanks探索Anna Sui長久以來與搖滾風、女學生風格、龐克、哥德式與波希米亞式等各種時尚原型的關係,揭露這些風格給她的靈感與影響。

書中有細節豐富的各種照片,展現Anna Sui設計的服裝、速寫、各種情緒板、伸展台攝影以及文宣印刷品…等,藉此理解這位重要的紐約設計師,為什麼在世界各地有一群迷戀Anna Sui追隨者。

Anna Sui is one of New York’s most beloved and accomplished fashion designers, known for creating contemporary original clothing inspired by spectacular amounts of research into vintage styles and cultural arcana. She is especially famous for her textile prints. Sui joined New York’s intensely creative cultural underground in the 1970s, forging important relationships in the worlds of fashion, photography, art, music, and design.
The World of Anna Sui looks at Sui’s eclectic career as a designer and artist, both through her clothing and studio. Through interviews with fashion journalist Tim Blanks, the book explores Sui’s lifelong engagement with fashion archetypes—the rocker, the schoolgirl, the punk, the goth, the bohemian—and reveals their inspiration and influence. Complete with detailed photographs of garments, sketches, moodboards, runway shots, and cultural ephemera, The World of Anna Sui is an inside look at this iconic New York designer with a worldwide cult following.

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Tim Blanks
Tim Blanks is editor-at-large for The Business of Fashion. He was the editor-at-large of, and has been the site’s principal show reporter since 2006. He resides in London.
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