The Empathy Instinct: How to Create a More Civil Society

The Empathy Instinct: How to Create a More Civil Society

作者 : Peter Bazalgette



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「如果我們希望正視這個時代的道德試煉,我想我們應該討論更多關於”同理心缺乏”的課題。(所謂的同理心就是)我們能夠把自己放在他人的立場,透過他人的雙眼來看這個世界。」- 美國前總統歐巴馬



本書涵蓋內容甚廣,且以許多有趣的故事來解釋最新的科學研究,作者Peter Bazalgette為藝術與大眾文化辯護,認為它們是填補同理心鴻溝的方法。

'If we hope to meet the moral test of our times, then I think we're going to have to talk more about the "empathy deficit". The ability to put ourselves in somebody else's shoes, to see the world through somebody else's eyes . . .' Barack Obama

Empathy is the power of understanding others, imaginatively entering into their feelings. It is a fundamental human attribute, without which mutually co-operative societies cannot function. In a revolutionary development, we now know who has it, who lacks it and why. Via the MRI scanner we are mapping the human brain. This is a new frontier that reveals a host of beneficial ideas for childcare, teens challenged by the internet, the justice system, decent healthcare, tackling racism and resolving conflicts.

In this wide-ranging and accessible book full of entertaining stories that are underlined by the latest scientific research, Peter Bazalgette also mounts a passionate defence of arts and popular culture as a means of bridging the empathy gap.

As the world's population expands, consuming the planet's finite resources, as people haunted by poverty and war are on the move and as digital communications infinitely complicate our social interactions, we find our patience and our sympathy constantly challenged. Here is the antidote.

Culminating in a passionate manifesto on empathy, The Empathy Instinct is what makes us human and what can make us better humans.
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Peter Bazalgette
Peter Bazalgette在2013-2017年之間,擔任英格蘭藝術協會主席,也是英國大屠殺紀念基金會主席,目前是英國有線電視ITV的董事長,因服務於傳播界而於2011年受封為騎士。

Peter Bazalgette was Chair of Arts Council England from 2013-2017. He also chaired the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation. He was educated at Dulwich College and read Law at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge but escaped the law to spend most of his career working in television. He devised some of the biggest entertainment shows in recent TV history, such as Ready Steady Cook and Changing Rooms, and brought Big Brother to the UK. He now chairs ITV. His previous books include Billion Dollar Game and The Food Revolution (co-authored). In 2011 he was knighted for services to broadcasting.
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