The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State

The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State

作者 : Graeme Wood

出版社 : Allen Lane


定價 : NT 825

售價79折, NT652


認識伊斯蘭國(ISIS)的戰略、心理與神學的最佳書籍,由《大西洋報》爆炸性的封面故事〈ISIS真正想要的是什麼〉特派記者Graeme Wood所撰寫。


本書作者近身採訪了信仰伊斯蘭國的人們,他們分別是ISIS的支持者、招募者與同情人士,其中包括了:曾經為巨星保羅.紐曼裁製西服,現在只願意活在回教法典教義中的埃及裁縫師;一個改宗的日本人,他相信ISIS最傲人的成就之一 - 摧毀邊境,是宗教上必須要做的事;一個迷人又喋喋不休澳洲傳教士,將這個團體的講道詞與威脅翻譯成英文,就被指控為這個組織招募士兵。作者也訪談了非ISIS的回教學者與聖戰士,探索了這個組織通向伊斯蘭教的怪異卻又一致的方式。


A radical rethinking of what ISIS is and what it really wants.

From Graeme Wood, author of the explosive Atlantic cover story "What ISIS Really Wants," comes the definitive book on the history, psychology, character, and aims of the Islamic State. Based on Wood's unprecedented access to supporters, recruiters, and high-ranking members of the most infamous jihadist group in the world, The Way of the Strangers is a riveting, fast-paced deep dive into the apocalyptic dogma that informs the group's worldview, from the ideas that motivate it, to the "fatwa factory" that produces its laws, to its very specific plans for the future. By accepting that ISIS truly believes the end is nigh, we can understand its strategy-and predict what it will do next.
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Graeme Wood

Graeme Wood

Graeme Wood is a national correspondent for The Atlantic and lecturer in political science at Yale University. He has been a Turkey and Kurdistan analyst for Jane's, a contributing editor to The New Republic, and books editor of Pacific Standard. His work has also appeared in The New Yorker, The American Scholar, The New Republic, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal, and the International Herald Tribune. He lives in Connecticut, USA.
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