The Moomins: The World of Moominvalley

The Moomins: The World of Moominvalley

作者 : Tove Jansson


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定價 : NT 1,925

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今年秋冬最新姆米精裝經典禮物書 預購上市

這本書將帶你一覽世界上最棒、媲美仙境的姆米谷,認識姆米家族和司諾克家族 米寶家族 、史尼夫一家…的司諾克小姐、司那夫金、小不點、史尼夫…等精靈的習性;再次回味他們的勇敢的冒險,也要瞧一瞧姆米媽媽的手袋、姆米爸爸的日記本。

最棒的是打開工作室的門,看創作者朵貝·楊笙Tove Jansson為姆米繪製的原畫、 草稿、素描,並回溯到朵貝楊笙的童年,看看她的童年生活,一睹她在藝術家庭的薰陶下,很早就展現的繪畫天賦。

本書在熱愛姆米的Frank Cottrell Boyce(《百萬小富翁》作者)的力促下,由得獎作家Philip Ardagh(著有《艾迪.狄更斯超級大冒險》)撰寫,加上精美設計,是姆米粉絲不容做過的禮物書!

Step into the magical world of Moominvalley with this beautiful and unique book; a fun, fascinating and unprecedented look at the wonderful world of the Moomins and their creator, Tove Jansson.

Filled with illustrated maps and family trees, facts about Moomintroll behaviour and habits, this book contains all you could wish to know about the beloved characters from the original Moomin stories and the world in which they live. Find out all about Moomintroll's adventures, Moominmamma's handbag and Moominpappa's diary and meet the extended Moomin family including Snork Maiden, Snufkin, Sniff and Little My.

This book also takes you behind the studio door of the uniquely talented, Tove Jansson. Featuring original Moomin drawings, colour studies and stunning character sketches as well as family photographs and Tove's childhood drawings.

Written by award-winning children's author Philip Ardagh with contributions from best-selling children's author, screenwriter and Moomin devotee, Frank Cottrell Boyce, The Moomins: The World of Moominvalley is a highly illustrated, beautifully designed gift book for all Moomin fans to treasure.

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