If You Tell Me to Come, I'll Drop Everything, Just Tell Me to Come

If You Tell Me to Come, I'll Drop Everything, Just Tell Me to Come

作者 : Albert Espinosa

出版社 : Particular Books


定價 : NT 495

售價79折, NT391


一趟學習了解我是誰的旅程,來自《這世界,就該是太陽黃》(The Yellow World)作者亞伯特.艾斯畢諾沙(Albert Espinosa)有趣又提振人心的寓言故事。




A funny and uplifting fable about the journey to learn who we are, from the bestselling author of The Yellow World

Dani has devoted his life to finding missing children. One day, as his girlfriend starts packing her bags to leave him, he gets a phone call from a distraught father asking for help. It's a strange case, one that Dani wouldn't usually take on. But, when he hears his girlfriend slam the front door, and his apartment falls into silence, he realizes it's one he can't turn down.

His journey to find the lost boy takes Dani over the seas to the sleepy Italian island of Capri - a place infused with a kind of hazy magic, which begins to conjure up in Dani's mind long-forgotten memories of his own childhood. And, as he starts to unravel the story of his own life, he realises that he is not just on a quest to save the missing child - he is also on a quest to save himself.

Quirky, warm-hearted, and honest, this is an uplifting parable of memory and forgiveness, as a man makes a life-changing journey across an island and into his own heart. Told in simple, emotionally-honest prose, it reveals how, by revisiting the past , we can change the shape of the future.
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Albert Espinosa 1973年出生於巴塞隆納,他是暢銷書作者、電影導演、也是工業工程師。他的書已銷售超過200萬冊,並且被翻譯成40國以上的語言。

Bestselling writer, film director, and industrial engineer, Albert Espinosa was born in Barcelona in 1973. His books have sold more than two million copies and been translated into more than forty different languages.
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