They Can't Kill Us All: The Story of Black Lives Matter

They Can't Kill Us All: The Story of Black Lives Matter

作者 : Wesley Lowery



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《華盛頓郵報》記者羅威利探訪全美,經過長達一年的調查,採訪最真實及被忽略的美國黑人底層生活。本書從白人警察槍殺黑人青年麥可‧布朗致死事件開始,進而深入闡述自60年代最重要的種族平等運動Black Lives Matter運動,為多位曾遭警察擊斃的黑人發聲。他訪問超過百戶遭受警察暴行及野蠻執法下的受害家庭,透過他們的生活反應美國黑人在社會底層所遭受的真實情況,同時分享不論身為何種種族的生活與生命之重要性。本書所代表的核心價值,為這個動盪不安的時代重現正義之光,呼籲更多人正視種族之間的對立事件。

**Winner of the Christopher Isherwood Prize for Autobiographical Prose**

'A devastating front-line account of the police killings and the young activism that sparked one of the most significant racial justice movements since the 1960s: Black Lives Matter ... Lowery more or less pulls the sheet off America ... essential reading' Junot Díaz, The New York Times, Books of 2016

'Electric ... so well reported, so plainly told and so evidently the work of a man who has not grown a callus on his heart' Dwight Garner, The New York Times, 'A Top Ten Book of 2016'

'I'd recommend everyone to read this book ... it's not just statistics, it's not just the information, but it's the connective tissue that shows the human story behind it. I really enjoyed it' Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show'

A deeply reported book on the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement, offering unparalleled insight into the reality of police violence in America, and an intimate, moving portrait of those working to end it

In over a year of on-the-ground reportage, Washington Post writer Wesley Lowery traveled across the US to uncover life inside the most heavily policed, if otherwise neglected, corners of America today.

In an effort to grasp the scale of the response to Michael Brown's death and understand the magnitude of the problem police violence represents, Lowery conducted hundreds of interviews with the families of victims of police brutality, as well as with local activists working to stop it. Lowery investigates the cumulative effect of decades of racially biased policing in segregated neighborhoods with constant discrimination, failing schools, crumbling infrastructure and too few jobs.

Offering a historically informed look at the standoff between the police and those they are sworn to protect, They Can't Kill Us All demonstrates that civil unrest is just one tool of resistance in the broader struggle for justice. And at the end of President Obama's tenure, it grapples with a worrying and largely unexamined aspect of his legacy: the failure to deliver tangible security and opportunity to the marginalised Americans most in need of it.
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