Chinese Feasts & Festivals: A Cookbook

Chinese Feasts & Festivals: A Cookbook

作者 : S. C. Moey

出版社 : Periplus Editions


定價 : NT 350

售價79折, NT277





This beautifully illustrated Chinese cookbook features all the most popular feast and festival food along with a wealth information.

It is often said that the Chinese live to eat. Happily for them, the rich culinary tradition of China is largely inspired by a calendar year filled with a generous round of joyous occasions—festivals, reunions, weddings and anniversaries—for eating, drinking and making merry. And, of course, for paying homage to the gods and ancestors. 

Food, fittingly, is a combination of flavors and symbols (wealth, happiness, luck, prosperity), a spiritual celebration and an earthly pleasure. Chinese Feasts & Festivals, S.C. Moey has assembled a number of facts and fancies as well as a collection of festival specialties for the Chinese food lover to read and enjoy or, if the spirit takes flight, cook up a feast that will impress both mortals and ancestors and win the approval of the gods. 

Authentic Chinese recipes include:
Drunken Chicken
Steamed Duck with Bamboo Shoots
Five Spice Rolls
Spicy Sichuanese Lamb
Sweet and Sour Fish
Chinese Lettuce Leaf Cups
Yangzhou Fried Rice
Sweet Red Bean Pancakes
Steamed Rice Flour Cupcakes
New Years Cakes
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