Impact 4: Lesson Planner (+MP3/Audio CD/Teacher ResourceCD-ROM//DVD)

Impact 4: Lesson Planner (+MP3/Audio CD/Teacher ResourceCD-ROM//DVD)

作者 : Thomas Fast

出版社 : 新加坡商聖智學習亞洲私人有限公司台灣分公司

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定價 : NT 1,500

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Impact helps teenage learners better understand themselves, each other, and the world they, and the world they live in.

By encouraging self-expression, global citizenship, and active participation, Impact motivates students to explore who they are and who they want to be, all while learning English!

The Impact Lesson Planner, with Audio CD, Teacher's Resource CD-ROM, and DVD, provides everything needed to successfully plan, teach, and supplement lessons.

The Lesson Planner includes:
‧Step-by-step instructions for carying out lessons
‧A detailed Scope and Sequence listing all learning and language objectives
‧Point-of-use teaching tips for using all Impact materials
‧Answer keys for the Student Book and Workbook
‧Student Book audio scripts
‧An MP3 Audio CD containing all Student Book audio
‧A Teacher's Resource CD-ROM, with printable resources, including video scripts and extension activities
‧A Classroom DVD containing all Student Book video
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Thomas Fast

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