In the Woods

In the Woods

作者 : Thereza Rowe



定價 : NT 605

售價66折, NT399


森林裡的鄰居好厝邊  互助力量大

兩隻小企鵝到森林踏青,遇到好朋友白馬Olly, 牠失落地望向天空,原來,牠的夥伴們一個一個都成了獨角獸,飛走了,只有Olly還是一隻普通的馬…,小企鵝和朋友們偷偷地放了個冰淇淋甜筒在Olly頭上,「要開心喔,Olly 」;小企鵝又遇到獅子Lionel,獅子看起來悶悶不樂,因為獅子覺得自己的鬃毛不好看。小企鵝朋友們立刻用手邊的花花草草,編了一個漂亮的髮圈,「要開心喔 ,Lionel」;接著,來到狐狸Red的家,牠悶在家裡,遲遲不出門,因為他好不容易做的結婚蛋糕竟被吃了,小企鵝和朋友又開始動腦筋,想辦法囉!「要開心喔,Red!」。

Join Olly the horse, Lionel the lion, Red the fox, and their friends as they embark on three adventures in Thereza Rowe’s vibrant and fantastical woods

There’s lots going on in the woods . . . Olly the horse is tired of waiting to turn into a unicorn like his friends. Lionel the lion is terribly embarrassed by his hair- loss. And Red the fox won’t come out of her hole because the wedding cake she spent hours preparing has been gobbled up. In these three interlinked stories, Olly, Lionel, Red, and their friends work together to find creative and fun solutions to each other’s problems, and each story ends with the creatures chanting “Be happy now!”

Thereza Rowe’s quirky illustrations are stylish and contemporary. Paired with these upbeat stories, they have an extraordinary energy that will appeal to children and their parents.
Illustrated in color throughout
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Thereza Rowe
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