Fairy Tales & Legends: A Journey: Iceland

Fairy Tales & Legends: A Journey: Iceland

作者 : Helmut Hinrichsen/ Max Schmid


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定價 : NT 1,299

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古老傳說和童話故事以文學的方式向世人傳達許多歷史上曾經發生的神秘事件,也因此揭露一個國家的文化與特殊身份。這本攝影特輯以139張精湛的影像,呈現冰島特有美麗樣貌,大部份以19世紀作家Jón Árnason和Magnús Grímsson的作品為主題,搭配精靈、巨獸和地精等神秘傳說,還有許多獨特的地理現象,例如海克拉火山爆發、Hornfjarðarfljót的冰川洪水及北極狐的現身,每一張影像都呈現冰島山水雲光的自然情節,影像旁搭配一段古老傳說,讓讀者在欣賞之餘彷彿身歷其境置身於美麗的神話之中,體驗冰島透明、寂靜的永恆魅力。

Fairytales and legends, literary forms that convey fantastical events, reveal a lot about the culture and identity of the country that produced them. This volume presents 139 Icelandic examples, stories aimed at both children and adults. For the most part, they are taken from the 19th-century collection of Jón Árnason and Magnús Grímsson and other similar collections from that time. Elves, trolls and gnomes are of course common themes, but natural phenomena such as the eruption of the volcano Hekla, the glacier flood in Hornfjarðarfljót or how the arctic fox came to Iceland are dominant elements in these narratives. Accompanying each story is a short description of the setting and its distinctive natural features. Numerous photographs conveying Iceland’s enchanting and breath-taking natural beauty allow a unique and intensive immersive experience in the fantastical worlds of Icelandic fairytales and legends.
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