Essentials of Corporate Finance (9 Ed.)

Essentials of Corporate Finance (9 Ed.)

作者 : Stephen A. Ross/ Randolph W. Westerfield/ Bradford D. Jordan

出版社 : 美商麥格羅希爾國際股份有限公司台灣分公司

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We designed Essentials of Corporate Finance to be as flexible and modular as possible. There are a total of nine parts, and, in broad terms, the instructor is free to decide the particular sequence. Further, within each part, the first chapter generally contains an overview and survey. Thus, when time is limited, subsequent chapters can be omitted. Finally, the sections placed early in each chapter are generally the most important, and later sections frequently can be omitted without loss of continuity. For these reasons, the instructor has great control over the topic covered, the sequence in which they are covered, and the depth of coverage.

Just to get an idea of the breadth of coverage in the ninth edition of Essentials, the followong grid presents for each chapter some of the most significant new features, as well as a few selected chapter highlights. Of course, in every chapter, figures, opening vignettes, boxed features, and in-chapter illustrations and examples using real companies have been thoroughly updated as well. In addition, the end-of-chapter material has been completely revised.
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Stephen A. Ross
現職:Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Randolph W. Westerfield
現職:University of Southern California

Bradford D. Jordan
現職:University of Kentucky

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