Living Wall: Jungle the Concrete 2

Living Wall: Jungle the Concrete 2

作者 : Jialin Tong


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本書包含的項目都附有詳細的工程清單。 還介紹了與綠牆概念相關的新概念和新技術。

Living Wall: Jungle the Concrete 2 is the second, updated edition of Living Wall: Jungle the Concrete and is a compilation of recent projects as well as revisions to many of the technical drawings and data associated with the projects detailed in the first edition.

Chapter-by-chapter, this book teaches readers how to install their own Green Wall step-by-step, including instructional details from the beginning stages of a project (including site assessment) to middle stage details such as plant selection, waterproofing, installing suitable lighting, and irrigation and plant nutrition systems to the final stage when maintenance and other similar activities are discussed.

Projects included in this book are accompanied by a detailed plant list. New concepts and new technologies associated with the Green Wall Concept are also introduced.
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Jialin Tong
Jialin Tong is a talented landscape architect and Green Wall designer who has rich theoretical and practical experience on Green Wall design. He is a graduate of Tongji Unversity and has written several books on landscape design, including Living Wall: Jungle the Concrete, Living Wall: Jungle the Concrete 2, and Interior Landscape.
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