Unsafe Thinking: How to Be Creative and Bold When You Need It Most

Unsafe Thinking: How to Be Creative and Bold When You Need It Most

作者 : Jonah Sachs



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「一本教你如何質疑慣例、挑戰現狀、解放創新的迷人之作」─《反叛, 改變世界的力量》作者亞當.格蘭特

‘An array of fresh insights on creativity, motivation and staying in “flow”.’ Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

Safe thinking is everywhere. It defines our everyday routines, work habits and ideas. There’s just one problem with it: in a world of constant change, it ultimately lets us down.

In Unsafe Thinking, creativity guru Jonah Sachs demonstrates that the most remarkable and trail-blazing individuals – from the maverick Google programmer who came up with Gmail, to the Colombian mayor who employed mime artists to transform his city’s traffic problem – are those who reject the lure of what they already know. He draws on cutting-edge psychology and neuroscience to uncover the mental processes that lead to successful innovation. And he reveals how you too can learn to adopt the boldly innovative mindset that will help you thrive in life and in business.

‘An enchanting book about how to question the conventional, challenge the status quo, and unlock the creative solutions right under your nose.’ Adam Grant, author of Originals

‘A blazingly original book . . . Destined to become a classic.’ Mary Karr, author of The Liars’ Club

‘Practical and truly entertaining . . . A must-read for anyone facing a changing world.’ Jonah Berger, author of Contagious
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Jonah Sachs
Jonah Sachs is the founder and a partner of Free Range Studios, a brand and innovation company that transforms companies through unsafe thinking. For his work he has been awarded "best of" honors three times at the South by Southwest interactive festival, earned a Webby award, and been featured at the Sundance Film Festival.
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