Complete Trio Sessions: This Is Pat Moran

Complete Trio Sessions: This Is Pat Moran

作者 : Pat Moran

作者 : 帕特.莫蘭

出版社 : Fresh Sound Records

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In the Fifties, the depths of the Maryland Hotel near Chicagos northside housed a cellar known as the Cloister Inn, a room best known as a showplace for fine, fresh jazz potentials. Such was the case of young pianist Pat Morans trio with vocalist Bev Kelly. In December 1957, for few weeks, the now legendary Scott LaFaro was the trios featured bass player, and during his engagement Audio Fidelity Records grabbed the opportunity to record the trio. In 1960, LaFaro said that he didnt like to look back, because the whole point in jazz is doing it now. I dont even like any of my records except maybe the first one I did with Pat Moran on Audio Fidelity. Sparked by Morans solid piano and complemented by the tremendous energy, youthful spirit and unlimited talent of Scott LaFaro, along with the fine work of drummer Johnny Whited, the combo, with vocalist Bev Kelly on several tracks, produced a succession of highly zestful and appealing interpretations.
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